N-95 Masks

Safe Video Production in the Age of COVID-19

Can a small company shoot video safely in the age of COVID-19?

Water Treatment and Distribution

A fun educational project shot in Redding, California.

Thumbnail for a biotech trade show video sample

Trade Show Video in a Hurry

How we delivered a trade show video in record time.

Carr Fire PSAs

We were all set to shoot an educational video about the workings of a municipal water system when a wildfire fire broke out and almost burned down both of the city’s water treatment plants. We quickly shifted gears.

eIMAGE old website

A Tale of Two Websites

Plagiarism is great, because it’s so easy… until you get caught doing it.

Hewlett Packard Day One

When directing a corporate CEO for a video shoot, treat him or her with respect, but don’t be afraid to direct them. It’s a delicate balance where your job is on the line.

Group shot in front of a big bulldozer

Land of the Giants

Shooting a safety video for miners meant being around big boy toys.

Opus 1+6 Introduction

Not all of our video projects have a long shelf life. On May 21st, Opus 1 introduced their +6 Android phone. They needed to generate as much buzz as possible, so they staged kickoff events in San Francisco and New York. eIMAGE covered the San Francisco event.

For the most part it was a hand-held news-like coverage of crowds of eager techies waiting to get their hands on the first +6 units. But we used creative angles and fun camera moves to echo the excitement of the multitude. Since the client (a Pennsylvania-based ad agency) also wanted timelapse footage, we brought a second camera and set it up in a number of locations throughout the evening.

The footage had to be delivered immediately: over the Web as a proxy the same night and as a hard drive with the full 4k footage via next-day FedEx. The ad agency edited and posted it within 48 hours.

What delighted us about the finished video is that our footage from San Francisco made about 70% of the final video. We normally like to be collaborative rather than competitive, but we relished the fact that the editor liked our footage more than what he got from the New York crew.

It was a quick, one-afternoon video shoot and by now the program is hard to find online. We have it here. So it goes in this fast-paced world!

Promo video in a battery manufacturing company

Lithos Energy Overview

The owners of a small battery manufacturing facility in the San Francisco Bay Area had a problem: in order to talk to a lot of potential business partners, suppliers and customers, they had to travel all the time. Once they started their face-to-face meeting, it was hard to make their facility seem real in the mind of their business contact. The solution: make a video.

Video is the best way to show off your company’s capabilities. It can present your facility, equipment and employees, it can talk about your history, company vision, awards and successes. And best of all, it can do it in a controlled, scripted fashion with a truly personal touch.

In this particular case the owners wrote their own script and they chose to take the personal approach to present the company and narrate the video themselves. For eImage it was an easy one-day shoot with a 2-person crew. We shot with two different cameras, a 4k Sony FS-7 and a Canon 5D on a stabilizer. All the equipment was our in-house gear.

Editing was straight-forward and we completed the entire project, start-to-finish in two weeks. The final 1:39 video is posted with our samples.

Edit room at eImage Video Productions

4k Editing Monitor

There’s nothing like having a big desk to work on. Sort of like having the corner office, although with a big desk you get more work done. I’m not sure the same holds true for the corner office.

Since we now shoot in 4k, we got a 4k monitor. But I use it mostly as a computer screen. With a 42-inch, 3840×2160 pixel desktop, I can really spread out my work, even when jumping between Premiere Pro, Photoshop and AfterEffects. What a difference in productivity from the days when I worked with two monitors which showed me 1280×480 pixels combined and I had to put up with a huge bezel in the middle!

eIMAGE edit suite with a 43″ 4k computer monitor.

There was one drawback: the monitor is so huge I was craning my neck to look at the top of the screen. And it blocked my view of the program monitor. The solution was to cut into my work desk and sink the monitor down by 5½ inches. Now all the sightlines work perfectly and I’m a happy, productive video editor.