Better Video Production

A Simple Guide

Sound is Half the Picture (Part 2)

A lavaliere microphone is not your only choice when recording dialogue. At eIMAGE we prefer to use a shotgun microphone for most interviews and to-camera presentations. It’s the only type of mike you’d use on a fishpole. A shotgun is a large, long microphone with a “cardioid” pickup pattern; actually, a hyper-cardioid. I’ll explain. Unlike […]

Sound is Half the Picture (part 1)

If you produce a video, it will probably have sound. In fact chances are it will show someone speaking. And this is where amateur work most commonly falls short. It’s a shame, because the problem is so easy to prevent and impossible to fix after-the-fact. The solution is to use the correct external microphone. The microphone […]

Better Video Production: Introduction

My first full-time job in the video production business was in 1979. I was a news cameraman and editor in the central Wisconsin town of Wausau. The camera we used in the field was an RCA-TK76 which cost about 10 years of my salary; and I almost let a freight train run it over! Today […]