Shot grabbed from a TV commercial for an online tailor

How 4K Saved our Bacon

We recently shot a video demo in order to get a TV commercial project. The demo was intended to show our approach to the project, but since it was just a demo, we didn’t finish some parts. To our surprise the client liked it so much he asked us to finish off the demo itself and have that be the TV commercial. That opened up a can of worms.

The biggest problem was timing. When shooting the demo we didn’t time out any of the scenes because it didn’t matter for a demo. But it became crucially important for a broadcast commercial which had to be frame-accurate to 60-seconds and 30-seconds. We needed to re-cut a few scenes to get the timing right. But we didn’t have the necessary angles. The solution: cutting to a close-up from a wide shot thanks to the super high 4K resolution.

A second problem was that one of the characters on-camera takes a sip of “whisky”. It was actually iced tea, but that doesn’t matter; you’re not allowed to show the drinking of alcohol on TV commercials. Once again the solution was to cut to a close-up at the critical moment, just before the glass touches the lips.

Shooting in 4K for an High Definition program opens up a world of possibilities. There’s practically no down side, only a bit more disk space used for the larger files, but disk space is relatively inexpensive nowadays. While we still have our old HD video camera, we’ll never buy one with less than a 4K resolution.